terms of service

Terms of Service - last update 7/22/2021 


For all HRB Brand products including Zest, Coast, Vo5, High Beams, Salon Grafix, SGX NYC, LA Looks, Rave, Thicker Fuller Hair, Brut, Infusium, SURE, PERT, and SeaBreeze products are only guaranteed authentic only when purchased through authorized sellers. HRB Brands actively participates in the "Amazon.com Brand Registry Program" and similar authentication programs to address the inappropriate advertising and sale of unauthorized, unlicensed, infringing, and/or counterfeit merchandise. Any unauthorized sales of HRB Brands products on Amazon or other sites are subject to removal as they are discovered, to the extent allowed by law. Ads from online sellers offering any auctions or advertising sales may also be subject to removal.  


Products purchased on Amazon from any other source other than the seller HRB Brands Directs may not come with the same warranties, money-back guarantees, and customer services as intended by us, HRB Brands Directs the manufacturer.


Under warranty or return/refund policy (if applicable): “This warranty may not apply to products purchased through unauthorized resellers, including unauthorized sellers on Amazon.com, eBay.com, or other third-party marketplace websites”.