Invisible Solid

SURE Invisible Solid formulas glide on clear to discreetly absorb odor and wetness while leaving you fresh and clean. No white mess. No unwanted residue. Just trusted, confident protection that lasts morning, noon and night.

Conditioning Solid

Our invisible, pH-balanced, long-lasting conditioning formulas provide powerful, trusted wetness and odor protection while soothing your skin. You’ll stay dry, odor-free and comfortably confident all day long.


Original Solid

We got it right from the start. SURE Original Solid provides 100% of the trusted SURE protection you know and love. But if you’ve never tried it before, here’s how it works: Apply in the morning and forget about it. We’ve got you covered.


Fast, easy and always effective. SURE Aerosol provides powerful odor and wetness protection so you can go about your day in comfort and smell fresh all day long.